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Zeta Knocks Out Power to 2 Million, Kills 3 People, Races Across South

“Zeta, which came ashore Wednesday in Louisiana as a strong Category 2 hurricane, is still wreaking havoc as it races across the Southern U.S. Thursday morning.

Now a tropical storm, Zeta ripped off roofs, knocked down power lines and trees and flooded streets as it roared through Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia early Thursday. Heavy rain and winds are still pounding eastern Tennessee and the Carolinas.

More than 2 million homes and businesses were without power across seven states as of 7 a.m., according to power In Georgia alone, more than 1 million customers had no electricity. Louisiana was reporting more than half a million outages.”

Ron Brackett reports for the Weather Channel October 29, 2020.


“Zeta To Combine With 2nd Storm, Will Bring Flooding Rain, Snow to Northeast” (ABC News)

“Zeta leaves more than 1.9 million customers without power and at least 2 dead after battering Gulf Coast” (CNN)