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Yes, you can be stylish in winter!

Slow fashion vlogger Alyssa Beltempo offers cold-weather styling tips.

Whenever I'm in need of some fashion inspiration, I watch a few of Alyssa Beltempo's videos on YouTube. A fellow Canadian, she's a sustainable fashion expert who posts interesting and engaging content on how to “shop smarter, discover your style & embrace slow fashion for a mindful closet.” (She also collaborated on the ‘Year of Great Style‘ planner that I reviewed last year.)

Sometimes she answers questions that I didn't even realize I had, but make perfect sense in our wintry climate, i.e. “How do I dress warmly while looking chic at the same time?” If that sounds like an oxymoron, Beltempo proves it's not. Her recent video on cold weather styling hacks is great for anyone who doesn't want to look like the Michelin man for the next two months (and makes me regret all those years I spent sacrificing comfort for style while living in Toronto).

While I recommend you watch the full 13-minute video here, I'll share some of the highlights below, as they can take your winter from mediocre to marvelous in no time.

1. Wear base layers. Just like I put undershirts and long johns on my kids on frigid days, adults should do the same. Beltempo likes Icebreaker merino base layers, but anything snug-fitting can do the job. The key is to keep it close to the skin to trap heat and maintain warmth.

2. Add a second stylish layer. A second thin layer, such as a light fitted sweater, can be tucked into pants to keep you even warmer and add insulation to your mid-section. A chunky sweater looks best with a single center tuck, paired with a bold belt to balance it out.

3. Choose your pants. Beltempo likes pairing a dressy black pant with a chunky sweater – a combo that isn't obvious, but works well. Obviously higher waists are more conducive to tucking, better-looking with a belt, and warmer. And don't even think about showing your ankles. That is not a smart winter look.

4. Have fun with socks and boots. Look for boots with thick rubber soles that hold you further away from the salt and slush, or have rubber soles added by a cobbler. Full insulation all the way to the toes is a must. You can elongate the look of your boots by pairing them with same-colored socks. Beltempo recommends tucking pants into socks for maximum warmth; try folding up the bottom of your denim before tucking, so you're not just cramming it in. (I'd add that choosing wool socks over cotton or polyester keeps your feet warmer.)

5. Don't skip the accessories. Wear mittens or long gloves, and hats that cover the ears. Stick to short earrings or studs that won't get caught. Choose a thick, wide scarf because they're the most versatile when it comes to styling.

This is a small sampling of Beltempo's fashion wisdom, and you can learn a lot more from her YouTube channel.

Slow fashion vlogger Alyssa Beltempo offers cold-weather styling tips.