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“Will Senate Wins Unlock Biden’s 100% Clean Energy Agenda?”

“Democratic control of the U.S. Senate gives President-elect Joe Biden's efforts to achieve 100% zero-carbon electricity a powerful boost, easing his ability to seat a climate-focused Cabinet and enact legislation to increase spending on green energy.

Democrat Jon Ossoff won his Georgia runoff against Republican David Perdue yesterday, per the Associated Press, joining Democrat Raphael Warnock to sweep the state and give Democrats a narrow, but pivotal, 51-50 edge in the Senate chamber. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is set to hold the tiebreaking 51st vote.

“The Biden clean energy agenda just got a huge shot in the arm,” said Paul Bledsoe, a former Senate Finance Committee staffer now with the Progressive Policy Institute. He noted Democrats will now control the calendar and committee chairmanships.”

Lesley Clark and Peter Behr report for E&E News January 7, 2021.


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