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Where to Find the Best Deals on Everything on Black Friday 2019

Planning out your Black Friday shopping goals is an absolute must when it comes to saving as much as possible. Knowing which stores will have the items on your list, at the lowest prices, should be one of your top priorities. To help you out with that goal, we’ve organized a list of which items you may be tracking and where we think you should be buying them from.

At the time of this publication, the majority of the major retailers have published their Black Friday ads. However, noticeably absent from that list so far this year is GameStop. It is highly likely that GameStop’s ad will change some of our recommendations below. As such, we will update this article once that ad has been released.


Where to Buy Televisions on Black Friday 2019: Wait for Super Bowl 2020

We’ve always tried to stress that if you’re in the market for a new television, to wait until the Super Bowl for the best deals possible. Traditionally, the week before the Super Bowl is when television manufacturers release their newest models and thus retail stores severely discount the previous year’s models. 

Having said that, there are some slick deals to be had during the holiday shopping season, but we stress that there is a reason these prices are so low. Even though a lot of these televisions are 4K and seem to have the latest smart features, that doesn’t always make them worth your money (even when excessively cheap). We highly recommend doing a ton of research before buying any television, but if you’re in the market for something cheap, without all the bells and whistles, this is what we would recommend.

65-inch 4K Television: Shoppers looking for the absolute cheapest 65-inch 4K television should set their eyes on Walmart’s 65-inch 4K Philips for only $278. It might not be one of the best televisions worth investing in, but if you want a solid 4K experience, it’s hard to go wrong here for the price.

50-inch 4K Television: If you’re shopping for something a bit smaller than a 65-inch but bigger than a 40-inch, Walmart should win your money with their Onn 50-inch 4K model. Onn is a Walmart brand, so again you’ll get what you pay for, but it’s hard to beat this television at only $148.


Where to Buy Smart Home devices on Black Friday 2019: Kohls

Smart home devices continue to be widely popular in 2019 and this year’s Black Friday will absolutely be no exception. Several major retailers have dropped their pricing on tons of home gadgets, with one of the biggest price drops happening on the Echo Dot 3rd Generation device. 

We recommend checking out Kohl’s Black Friday ad if you’re on the hunt for Smart Home tech this year. While several major retailers have great pricing on smart home devices, Kohls has the Echo Dot 3rd Generation at only $22, the Google Nest Mini (newest version) for only $29, the Echo Show 5 for $50, the Fire Stick TV for $20, the Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation for just $180 and the Nest Hello Doorbell for $150.  Plus, Kohl’s is offering Kohl’s Cash with the Nest Learning Thermostat ($45), Nest Hello Doorbell ($45) and Ring Video Doorbell ($30).

While Best Buy and Target both featured tons of great savings on Smart Home, we found Kohls to be the smarter choice. It’s also possible that, due to shopping traffic, Kohls will be more likely to have some of these particular Smart Home devices in stock, whereas we predict Target and Best Buy will sell out quicker. 


Where to Buy Games and Game Consoles on Black Friday 2019: Depends on Console

We predicted earlier in the year that video gaming would be a huge priority for retailers this year, based on the early Toy Lists, and that does appear to be the case. Smart shoppers will want to note that both Playstation and Microsoft have new consoles coming in 2020, and as such purchasing either the Playstation 4 or the Xbox One could be seen as a bad investment this year. However, if you are planning on purchasing one of these consoles, we strongly recommend either the Playstation 4 Pro or the Xbox One X. These two models allow for 4K gaming, unlike their other models, and are certain to hold more value next year when the new systems release.

The Nintendo Switch continues to reign supreme when it comes to home consoles and, as such, most retailers are simply repeating the Nintendo Switch bundle from last year. That bundle features the Nintendo Switch paired with the most-purchased Switch title: “Mario Kart 8.” 

However, it should be noted that Nintendo released two new consoles this year (technically), and only Sam’s Club has offered a bundle or discount on the newest models. In July, Nintendo released a new version of the Switch which looks identical in every way except for the product packaging. The new model features a black and red box and the Switch, although it looks identical, has a better battery which grants longer battery life. The Switch Lite is basically the exact same as a Switch, except that it is only playable in handheld mode and cannot be docked to a television. It plays all the same games and its Joycon controllers do not detach from the unit (so no mixing color combinations).  Sam’s Club has the newest Nintendo Switch model, with better battery life, at $335 and has bundled it with a car charger, a Mario case, and a Mario wireless controller (very similar to the Pro controller). If you are interested in those extra accessories, then this is a great price. However, not every shopper needs those additional accessories and it may be better for you to buy the newest model at its regular $299 price.

Walmart dominates the Nintendo Switch video game sales this year, with a load of Nintendo Switch titles at just $30 each. Many of these titles are some of the hottest titles on the system and this price point is the lowest we’ve seen by a far margin.  

Best Buy has the best price on a Xbox One X bundle this year, dropping the newest bundle with “Star Wars: Fallen Order” to $349 and throwing in three months of Xbox Live (traditionally $25). Walmart’s ad states that all of their Xbox One X bundles will be $349 as well, but it is not entirely clear which bundles they will have for Black Friday. Although the Star Wars bundle is currently available at Best Buy, shoppers will want to note that the sale price does not kick in until 11/29.

The only store offering a bundle sale on the Playstation 4 Pro is Meijer, which is not located nationwide. While it’s possible that Gamestop will offer a similar deal, it should be noted that this was the only retailer who put the Pro model on sale this year (thus far). 


Where to Buy Phones on Black Friday 2019: Walmart

While there might be a ton of different model phones you can purchase, on several different carriers, there is only one retailer you should be focused on when it comes to buying your cellphone this year: Walmart. They’re offering the biggest money back, in the form of a gift card, and there’s very few restrictions to their carrier choices. Target and Best Buy are close seconds, but ultimately, Walmart has really stepped up this year in an attempt to get you the most money back as possible on the hottest phones of the year. If you don’t want a gift card, then your next best option is Best Buy, which gives the discount directly to your phone bill. However, you’ll ultimately save more if you go with Walmart’s gift card options. 

Our one shopping caveat here is that it has been officially confirmed that all new iPhones in 2020 will feature 5G technology rather than the current model’s 4G. While a lot of the biggest savings, both in discounts and gift cards, tend to be on the iPhone 11 models, we recommend holding off one year (if you can), to get the most value in your new line activation. 


Where to Buy Computers on Black Friday 2019: Best Buy

Whether you’re a Mac or PC shopper, Best Buy has the best deals this holiday shopping season when it comes to the latest laptops or desktops. Both the Microsoft Surface Pro and the iPad Pro are available at discounted prices, plus there are a slew of budget laptops that are great for any shoppers needing a cheap and portable device.

Best Buy has a HP AMD A9-Series laptop for only $199 this year, which features the AMD Radeon R5 and 128GB solid state drive. Best Buy is also offering the MacBook Pro for $300 off various models, as well as $200 off various models of the Macbook Air. 

Best Buy will be knocking $150-$250 off the price of select iPad Pro models, and they’ll have the entry level Surface Pro 7 at only $599. If you’re looking for the ultimate in portability and convenience, we cannot recommend these devices strongly enough. 

It should be noted that Walmart has one page of their ad dedicated to discounted laptops, but most of them are not devices we would recommend. Also of note, if your city has a Microcenter, we highly recommend checking their Black Friday ad for all computer parts and components. Their pricing is always some of the lowest you’ll find, even outside of the holiday shopping season.