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“Was 2020 The Year That EVs Hit It Big? Almost, But Not Quite”

“Despite significant breakthroughs, sales of electric vehicles were largely stagnant, and the cost of the cars puts them still out of reach for most Americans.”

“In the energy world, 2020 was both unsettling and exciting, a year when the coronavirus pandemic drove billions of people to change their patterns of driving, flying and public transportation use, just as an unprecedented transition away from fossil fuels was gaining speed. Oil markets cratered, but clean energy appeared to emerge unscathed, if not stronger.

For electric vehicles, the year paired a steady stream of boosterish headlines with largely stagnant growth, at least in the United States, an almost-but-not-quite year that some analysts say finally may have primed the market to take off.

“I would maybe characterize 2020 as, we were putting in place the final piece of the foundation before the really breakthrough year in 2021,” said Katherine Stainken, policy director for Plug In America, an advocacy group that calls itself the voice of electric vehicle drivers.”

Nicholas Kusnetz reports for Inside Climate News December 21, 2020.