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“Warren to Perry: Resign From Energy Transfer Board Seat”

“U.S. Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren called for former U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry to resign from a board seat overseeing the Dallas pipeline company Energy Transfer, calling his move into an industry his agency oversaw “unethical”.

Warren, in a public letter addressed to Perry at Energy Transfer’s headquarters in Dallas, described the former energy secretary’s decision to rejoin the board as “unethical” and one that discredited his years in public office. Perry served on the company’s board from 2015 to 2017, but left when he became energy secretary.

“This is exactly the kind of unethical, revolving-door corruption that has made Americans cynical and distrustful of the federal government,” Warren wrote.

In a Jan. 3 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Energy Transfer reported that Perry had joined the board of directors for LE GP LLC, a company that owns and oversees the Dallas pipeline operator.”

Sergio Chapa reports for the Houston Chronicle January 17, 2020.