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Vermont Doubles Down on Wood Burning, Impacting Climate and Health

“Vermont is turning to its most abundant resource to help meet its renewable energy targets. But the bar for ‘carbon neutral’ may be higher than even skeptics think.”

“BRISTOL, Vermont — Wood smoke rising from a stovepipe is as about as common a sight in Vermont as roadside signs advertising maple syrup for sale.

Vermonters have been heating their homes with wood for centuries. Many still do. The Green Mountain State leads the nation in its reliance on wood, with about a quarter of households using it as their primary heating fuel.

In a state where winters are cold, forests abundant and people celebrate self-reliance, wood has also made its way into the Vermont's latest renewable energy planning, billed as a way to cut climate-warming pollution.

But is it a clean energy solution?”

Jonathan Mingle reports for InsideClimate News November 26, 2019.