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“UN Draft Plan Sets 2030 Target To Avert Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction”

“Paris-style proposal to counter loss of ecosystems and wildlife vital to the future of humanity will go before October summit”

“Almost a third of the world’s oceans and land should be protected by the end of the decade to stop and reverse biodiversity decline that risks the survival of humanity, according to a draft Paris-style UN agreement on nature.

To combat what scientists have described as the sixth mass extinction event in Earth’s history, the proposal sets a 2030 deadline for the conservation and restoration of ecosystems and wildlife that perform crucial services for humans.

The text, drafted by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, is expected to be adopted by governments in October at a crucial UN summit in the Chinese city of Kunming. It comes after countries largely failed to meet targets for the previous decade agreed in Aichi, Japan, in 2010.”

Patrick Greenfield reports for the Guardian January 13, 2020.