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“Trump’s ‘Frack’ Attack on Biden Seems to Be Falling Short”

“WASHINGTON — During the Democratic presidential primaries, James T. Kunz, who leads the operating engineers union in Western Pennsylvania, worried the party would choose a nominee determined to cripple the natural gas industry that has boosted the livelihoods of thousands of fellow Pennsylvanians.

And in recent weeks, President Trump has repeatedly told voters like Mr. Kunz that Democrats had done just that. Joseph R. Biden Jr. will ban the extraction of gas through hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, he and Vice President Mike Pence have said, over and over — nevermind that the former vice president has said otherwise.

Mr. Kunz isn’t buying it.

“I’m very comfortable endorsing Joe Biden,” Mr. Kunz said.”

Lisa Friedman reports for the New York Times October 13, 2020.


“Trump Has Made Fracking An Election Issue. Has He Misjudged Pennsylvania?” (Guardian)