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Top TV Doorbusters of Black Friday 2019

Although we highly recommend waiting until closer to the Super Bowl to purchase a new television, it is undeniable that Black Friday always brings about crazy-low prices on televisions. Year after year, low-priced televisions continue to be one of the hottest gadgets during the holiday shopping season. And every year, it seems their pricing just gets lower and lower.

When shopping for a new television, the best thing a shopper can do is research. And we mean lots and lots of research. There are an incredible amount of different modeled televisions out there, with tons of different manufacturers, and knowing what makes each one special is only half the battle. Smart shoppers will want to pay attention to several key specifics, including details about HDR, HDR10+, and Motion Rate. PCMag’s ratings of the best TVs of 2019 are a good place to start.

While Smart TVs generally feature the ability to browse online and connect to various streaming apps, shoppers will want to research the specific model of television they’re most interested in and confirming how well the apps they’re interested in actually run. For example, shoppers interested in getting a new 4K television for the new streaming service Disney+ will need to know that Vizio televisions are having issues with the app and a fix isn’t on the way until sometime in early 2020. 

Also, one of the major holiday shopping trends this year is video gaming, and smart shoppers should pay particular attention to their home video game consoles to understand whether or not a 4K upgrade is worth it for them. The Nintendo Switch does not output at 4K, so while some televisions may enhance the signal, smart shoppers should not make the jump to 4K just for Nintendo Switch games. Both the Xbox One X and the Playstation 4 Pro are the only home consoles that can actually display gaming in 4K. The Xbox One S can stream videos in 4K, but it is not capable of outputting video games at 4K. 

This article will focus solely on 4K televisions, as most 1080p or less televisions aren’t on sale or, if they are, are overpriced compared to the 4K cousins. 


Black Friday 2019 TV Doorbusters at Walmart

Walmart is at the bottom of our list this year when it comes to television shopping. Their lowest 4K television is their own brand, Onn, and is a 50-inch model. The doorbuster price is $148, which happens to be the lowest price for a 4K television on this list. But, just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean it’s the best way to spend your money. 

Walmart does have a 65-inch Philips television as a doorbuster this year for $278. And although it’s bigger than the Onn and almost double the price, we still recommend it over the Onn. 


Black Friday 2019 TV Doorbusters at Best Buy

Best Buy is our pick for best retailer to shop 4K televisions during the 2019 holiday season. Not only do they have many more models on sale than any other retailer, but their return policy and Geek Squad protection plans makes them an incredibly safe purchase. 

Best Buy’s cheapest 4K this year is an Insignia 58-inch for only $199. It’s slightly bigger than Walmart’s and costs a little more, but we recommend it over the Walmart Onn. 

Best Buy also has an LG 55-inch for only $299 and is packaged with LG’s exclusive Magic Remote. This remote works like a wand, which enables you to point and click with the device rather than having to use buttons to always manually control the television. 

The rest of Best Buy’s best doorbusters for 2019 are all Samsung models and include a 43-inch for $230, a 65-inch for $480, a 70-inch at $550, and a 75-inch for $750. These are exceptional prices on 4K televisions, but we cannot stress enough to do your research about what each of these models offers. While the price might look great, sometimes the device will be missing key features you really wish you had.

Black Friday 2019 TV Doorbusters at Target

While Target has a handful of reasonable doorbuster televisions, it just can’t outmatch Best Buy’s options in our eyes. Target’s lowest priced 4K television is a Westinghouse 50-inch for only $150.  However, their LG 43-inch is also only $230. But, for those prices for those sizes, you’d be much better going after one of the other doorbusters at Best Buy. Target has two 65-inch doorbusters this year, but one is a Element and the other is a TCL, two manufacturers we aren’t exceptionally fond of. The Element model is only $280 and the TCL is $400. While both are reasonably cheap, you will absolutely get what you pay for here.

Target also has two Samsung models as doorbusters, a 50-inch for $280 and a 55-inch for $330. If you must shop at Target or just have some gift cards to burn, we’d recommend these two options above the other Target choices.

Black Friday 2019 TV Doorbusters at Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is lacking this year in television doorbusters, but the ones it does have are definitely better than Walmart’s. Sam’s Club’s cheapest 4K model is a LG 43-inch for only $220. We highly recommend this model compared to the other cheapest doorbuster options, based solely on the name brand. 

Sam’s Club does have a Vizio 58-inch for only $300, but shoppers will definitely find this option to be cheap for a reason. The retailer’s best television doorbuster is arguably their curved Samsung 65-inch model for only $600. Shoppers wanting to go big should pay extra attention to their LG 82-inch for only $1600.

Our Favorite Black Friday 2019 TV Doorbuster

Without a doubt, the television doorbuster that has our full attention and biggest recommendation is Sam’s Club’s Samsung 65-inch curved television for $600. Sam’s is one of the only stores offering any sort of sale on curved televisions for Black Friday 2019 and while it isn’t a curved OLED, it is still a gorgeous television that won’t break the bank this holiday shopping season. If you’re shopping for a television in the 65-inch range, we highly recommend researching whether or not this is the deal for you.