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This lunch bag is disguised as a fabulous purse

No one will ever know that you're packing a healthy, homemade lunch.

Every now and then I come across a business idea that makes so much sense I wish I'd thought of it myself. But then I'm immensely grateful that someone else has because it just makes life so much better. One excellent example of this is Modern Picnic, a New York City-based company that has invented a chic lunch bag that looks like a high-end purse.

This solves the age-old annoyance of having to carry an ugly lunch bag around that ‘ruins' many a great-looking outfit. It also ensures that one's lunch does not spill or make a mess in one's work bag. Other benefits include not having to buy disposable paper bags to carry a lunch (yes, they're biodegradable, but still wasteful), avoiding the costs associated with buying lunch each day, and eating healthier food.

Modern Picnic's Luncher is made from vegan leather and comes in a range of colors. The handle and removable shoulder strap are made from the same material, unless you opt for a contrasting bamboo handle, available with the white or black lunchers. The interior is insulated to keep food cool and measures 8.5″ high, 9.8″ wide, 6.5″ deep. An inside pocket and slot for knife, fork, and spoon keep things organized. Also available are smaller zippered pouches for snacks and large totes.

I like this idea because there have been times in the past when I felt reluctant to pack a lunch because of where I was going after work or class. Last-minute tickets to the opera or a classical concert, or even drinks with friends at a fancy new bar, are not places where I wanted to walk in with a shabby lunch bag. Modern Picnic solves this dilemma because no one would ever know what's actually inside. And anything that encourages people to pack their own food, to use reusable containers and bags, to save their money and not spend it on daily takeout, is something we support here at TreeHugger.

Check out all that Modern Picnic has to offer here.

No one will ever know that you're packing a healthy, homemade lunch.