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These will be the top houseplant trends for 2020

Get ahead of the crowd with these indoor plant predictions from the all-knowing Plant Mom.

If we were to seek out a fortune teller to predict which plants we'd be coveting in the upcoming year, we would go no further than Joyce Mast, the plant prognosticator also known as Bloomscape's “Plant Mom.”

With over 40 years in the plant and flower business, and as curator and plant advice columnist, of sorts, at the greenhouse-to-consumer online plant shop, Joyce has the inside scoop on what's trending, and these are the things she predicts will be big in 2020.

The old guard: Maranta red prayer plant and bird of paradise

First things first, these two were Bloomscape's most popular plants in 2019 – will they continue their reign? (Hint: Yes.)

Popular succulents persist: Cacti and euphorbias

euphorbia© Potted euphorbia milii with ferns. (Photo: tuasiwatn/Shutterstock)

Cacti and members of the cacti-looking euphorbia genus have been going strong and will continue to do so. They are generally super interesting looking, easy to care for, and make a great statement.

Colorful foliage will make a splash

zebrina© Tradescantia zebrina (Photo: LMC1905/Shutterstock)

“Plants with interesting patterned and colorful foliage will continue to attract plant enthusiasts in 2020,” says Joyce. Look for these lovelies:

  • Marantas, like red prayer plant and neon prayer plant
  • Alocasias, like polly and pink dragon
  • Tradescantias, like the purple-magenta-tinged zebrina
  • Split leaf philodendrons, like Monstera deliciosa and the finer leaf Adansonii variety
  • Watermelon and ginny peperomias

Plants that harmonize with blue

houseplant details© L to R: Bird of paradise, sansevieria, orbifolia. (Courtesy of Bloomscape)

We're seeing blue everywhere, and now that Pantone has named Classic Blue the 2020 color of the year, we don't expect it to go away soon. With that in mind, Joyce believes plants that pair nicely with blue will be especially popular. We think most plants go well with blue, but some that stand out in particular include Sansevieria, Calatheas (especially orbifolia), Dracaena limelight, and bird of paradise.

And the big winner will be: The money tree

In Joyce's crystal ball, she sees the money tree (Pachira aquatica) as 2020’s trendiest indoor plant. And why wouldn't this beautiful baby be the star of the new year? Its braided stem, as you can see in the top photo, provides more interest to its already interesting foliage, which brings to mind both a tree and a palm. And the added bonus: In Feng Shui practice, the money tree brings positive energy and good luck to its caretaker – sounds like a perfect plan for 2020.

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Get ahead of the crowd with these indoor plant predictions from the all-knowing Plant Mom.