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These adorable comics are perfect for anyone trying to reduce waste

They show that the struggle is real, and you're not alone.

Mira Petrova is an artist from Sofia, Bulgaria, who has been trying to live a zero-waste lifestyle for a long time. But like anyone who has tried it, she knows how hard it can be. Whether it's because of one's own mistakes or the frustrating limitations created by product designers or retailers, it is almost impossible to do away with waste completely.

Rather than get discouraged, Petrova has turned to art as a way to stay motivated. She creates delightful, engaging comic strips that illustrate the many situations in which she has found herself – dealing with mounds of non-recyclable wrapping paper and paper bills, wanting to pack a waste-free lunch, buying second-hand clothes for environmental reasons, refusing a plastic grocery bag at the store, turning down plastic straws over and over again, and trying to repair broken items to prevent them from going to landfill.

Her comics resonate with readers because we've all been in these situations before and know how it feels. The characters themselves are endearing – cute little cartoon animals featuring a Mr. and Mrs. Fox (styled after Petrova and her boyfriend) with other animal friends in a mostly urban environment. As Petrova told Bored Panda, “Who could possibly be a better inspiration for sustainable living?”

Her message is not to give up! We might not become zero-waste celebrities with an entire year's worth of trash in a single glass jar, but becoming “waste aware” is a huge step in the right direction. Keep plodding, push past the roadblocks that will inevitably crop up, and persistence will win the day. Now, sit back and enjoy a selection of my favorite comics, chosen from the Waste Aware Animals Instagram page with Petrova's permission.

Waste Aware Animals carbon© Mira Petrova (used with permission)
Waste Aware Animals toothpaste© Mira Petrova (used with permission)
Waste Aware Animals shopping bag© Mira Petrova (used with permission)
waste Aware Animals furoshiki© Mira Petrova (used with permission)

You can see more Petrova's wonderful work on Instagram or Facebook.

They show that the struggle is real, and you're not alone.