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The Top TV Deals of Black Friday 2020

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While the week leading up to the Super Bowl is still one of the best times of the year to buy a television, there is no denying that many retailers offer huge savings on televisions on Black Friday. Even in a pandemic, you can count on big savings on big screens during the holidays.

The pandemic has brought on several challenges for television manufacturers this year and, as a result, the 2020 television models feel very behind in terms of features. One of the hottest trends in technology is the advancement of HDMI with HDMI 2.1, a feature that many televisions are lacking in 2020. We anticipate HDMI 2.1 to become standard on most TV sets in the next year or so, but if you absolutely have to purchase a TV during the 2020 holidays, you are still guaranteed to find some really good deals.

Shopping for a TV used to be a simple procedure: Decide on the size that interests you most, look for a good price, then take it home. But that is not the case today. Now, shoppers must pay attention to things like 4K vs. 1080p, HDMI 2.1, how many HDMI ports, HDR, Dolby Vision and motion or refresh rates. These are all exceptionally important features that are not required, but will certainly make quite a difference in the quality of the image.

Shoppers used to have to pay particular attention to whether or not a TV was labeled as a smart TV. However, now most televisions are so smart you’d have to actually shop harder to find a “dumb” one. Almost all 4K televisions include apps like Disney+, HBO Max and Netflix, so if you’re only interested in video apps and a 4K image, you won’t have any trouble finding a great, cheap TV. However, shoppers looking for just the right gaming or home theater television will have a whole lot more features to shop for.

This article will focus entirely on 4K televisions, as most stores highlight primarily 4K television deals in their Black Friday ads. If you are certain you want only a 1080p TV, Best Buy did list a few in their Black Friday ad, and we suggest jumping on their low prices.

Black Friday 2020 TV deals at Best Buy

Best Buy has traditionally been one of the best places to pick up a big screen TV on Black Friday. That hasn’t changed this year, as their ad has a major focus on big savings on some of the best 4K TVs.

Best Buy has two exceptionally low-priced 50-inch TVs; the Insignia 50D for only $150 and a TCL for only $230. These two TVs will net you quite a big screen without breaking your wallet. And while they might not be the best TVs on the market, they will certainly give you a whole lot more value than what you paid for them.

Shoppers who care a bit more about the quality or name brands should definitely look into the Samsung Q80 line that Best Buy has on sale for the holidays. These are an older model of the Samsung QLEDs, but they are still worth picking up due to many rich features. Some models in the line also carry the new HDMI 2.1 inputs, specifically the Q80 85 inch, which Best Buy has discounted down to only $3,000 for Black Friday.

For shoppers looking for one of the best televisions on the market, Best Buy has also discounted down LG’s CX line, including the LG CX 65 inch for only $1,850. LG’s CX televisions are OLED TVs that feature all of the latest and greatest features, including HDMI 2.1. It should be noted that OLED technology is quite pricey. But, although shoppers will typically pay double for an OLED than they would for an LCD, the CX models are worth every penny.

Black Friday 2020 TV deals at Target

Due to the pandemic, Target opted to run weekly Black Friday ads leading up to their big event. While their main ad does feature plenty of ways to save, it is exceptionally light when it comes to good deals on televisions.

Target can be very hit or miss when it comes to TVs. While some of their pricing can be exceptional, they typically do not carry the more high-end television models like Best Buy stocks.

As a result, we’d be hard-pressed to recommend too many models at Target on Black Friday, when their models just aren’t worth the money they are asking. However, Target does feature two tremendous deals on budget 4K TV sets this year, including the TCL 65 inch for only $230 and the Hisense 55 inch for only $200.

While these deals might be exceptionally low for such big screens, we urge shoppers to remember that the quality of the television matters a whole lot more than the price. If you absolutely do not care about the quality of the television and care only about purchasing a specific screen size, then it’s hard to find a better deal than the two sets listed above.

Black Friday 2020 TV deals at Walmart

Similar to Target, Walmart has had weekly shopping events stretched throughout all of November. Due to their releases, Walmart included only a staggering three televisions, total, in their main Black Friday ad.

Of those three televisions, only one of them is a reasonable purchase: the Vizio 70-inch model for only $478. The other two televisions are a Samsung 65 inch for $478 and a Samsung 58 inch for $398.

Shoppers who only care about the size of the TV should definitely pick up the Vizio. Samsung makes a better product than Vizio, but there are better deals to be had at Best Buy.

It is pretty shocking to see Walmart offering such low-effort deals on their Black Friday televisions, as it falls in stark contrast to previous Black Friday deals. However, given the pandemic, we can only assume that Walmart opted for a different approach this year in terms of store safety.