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The new Treehugger is almost cooked

We will be back really soon.

I was always terrible at cooking marshmallows. I was impatient and held them too close to the flames and they would suddenly go poof, catch fire, and all I got was an inedible ball of carbon. I am impatient now, having to write all my posts offline and wait as the tech types move everything over to the new site.

But I don't want my stories to go poof like my marshmallows, so we all have to wait until everything is done and checked and ready for new content. They tell me that's just a few days away.

Full disclosure: The use of Katherine Martinko's photo does not mean we all condone the eating of little balls of gelatine, corn syrup, and sugar, cooked by children who are too close to particulate-emitting open wood fires. We are still TreeHugger.

We will be back really soon.