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The Gamestop Cyber Monday Deals Are Live

December 2, 2019 by Matt Wehner | Updated 2nd December, 2019, 11:04 AM

The Gamestop Cyber Monday deals have been released via a press release which dropped on December 1, 2019.  Many of the deals contained within the release are just extensions of deals we saw previously over Black Friday weekend, with some worse than prior deals with a couple of new ones thrown in the mix.

Of note is that Gamestop has decided to continue its Nintendo Switch deal from Black Friday, which includes a $25 off coupon (expires 1/31/2020) and is attached to any Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite.  Also of note is that Gamestop dropped the price of all PS4 Pros down to just $299.  This is of particular note, as the unit wasn’t heavily discounted at major retailers for Black Friday.

Gamestop also dropped the price of the Sega Genesis Mini down to $50, matching the price that many retailers had for Black Friday.  Though the unit appears to be selling better than the Playstation Classic, it has not met the demand that Nintendo saw with both their NES and SNES Classics.  While $50 is a solid price for the device, we predict the unit will be cheaper at other retailers the closer we get to Christmas.

Gamestop’s Cyber Monday deals include:

Video Game Consoles:

Video Games: