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The Compost by My Couch: How (and Why) I Started an Odorless Bin at Home

“New York City has suspended its composting program because of the coronavirus. Here’s an alternative that’s easy, clean and good for the climate.”

“New Yorkers have been through a lot over the last couple of months, but this felt personal: The city stopped picking up curbside compost this week and asked residents to instead discard their food scraps and yard waste with their trash.

The Sanitation Department cited budget cuts related to the pandemic, and a spokeswoman said the suspension was “not a change we take lightly.” Many environmentalists, though, said the decision was shortsighted and urged leaders to maintain the composting program. Their bottom line: The city shouldn’t reverse progress on the larger, longer-term crisis of climate change.

“We have too much at stake,” Anna Sacks, an activist who focuses on trash, recycling and compost, said at a town hall meeting on Tuesday.”

Hiroko Tabuchi reports for the New York Times May 6, 2020.