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‘That’s Genocide’: Ancient Tribal Graves Threatened By Trump Border Wall

“MISSION, Texas –  A historic graveyard in Texas lies within the barrier’s 150ft ‘enforcement zone’ the government has said it plans to raze”

The Eli Jackson cemetery is the final resting place for Native Americans, war veterans, freed slaves and Christian abolitionists who shaped the cultural, spiritual and racial history of the Rio Grande Valley.

The historic graveyard is next door to the Jackson Ranch chapel, the oldest Protestant church still standing in the valley.

Both sites are only a mile or so from Mexico, on a long and dusty road flanked by sturdy mesquites. This is where, amid local protest and national condemnation, Donald Trump is pushing to start construction of a new border wall, with potentially disastrous consequences.”

Nina Lakhani reports for the Guardian December 16, 2019.


“Judge Wrestles With Environmental Claims Against Border Wall” (Bloomberg Environment)