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Target vs. Best Buy: Black Friday 2020 Preview

October 12, 2020 by Matt Wehner | Updated 13th October, 2020, 10:58 AM

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Target and Best Buy are two of the biggest retailers when it comes to Black Friday sales and deals, and, even though we’re facing a pandemic in 2020, this year looks to be quite traditional when it comes to sales held by these two battling behemoths.

Best Buy made big moves when the pandemic started earlier this year by quickly switching their ordering models to curbside pickup. Target wasn’t far behind, however, and quickly expanded its Drive Up contactless curbside service. And now as we face Black Friday 2020, it has become clear that these retailers have plans to hold month-long savings and specials rather than focus on just a particular day. As a result of this Black Friday change, we predict that both stores are set to see huge traffic online and via curbside pickup this holiday season.

Target vs. Best Buy: Black Friday history

Target and Best Buy both have a history of gift card promotions when it comes to big savings on Black Friday. Both companies specialize in specific areas, with Target having a history of fantastic savings via gift cards when you purchase a cellphone. Best Buy, on the other hand, has a history of dropping bundle pricing on popular items or offering gift cards as promotional savings for big-ticket items. Black Friday 2019 featured tons of savings on various smart home devices and both Target and Best Buy had very similar deals.

A look back: Best Buy Black Friday 2019

There were two categories that Best Buy dominated on Black Friday 2019: video games and computers. While Target has come close in the past to tying with Best Buy on video game prices, they just don’t come close to comparing, when it comes to savings on laptops and PCs. In 2019, Best Buy had some of the best prices and discounts when it came to video game consoles. While Target had reasonable sale prices on a large collection of games, it just wasn’t able to beat out Best Buy’s larger selection of games and bigger discounts on consoles.

A look back: Target Black Friday 2019

The main area Target dominates over Best Buy on Black Friday is cellphones. Whether its trading them in and getting great discounts on future phones or just starting a new phone line and saving huge at a wide selection of cellphone carriers, Target was definitely one of the best places to shop for cellphones on Black Friday 2019. As mentioned above, Target had a good selection of video games on sale too, but they weren’t able to defeat Best Buy’s stellar video game and console pricing.

Target and Best Buy Black Friday 2020 predictions

Even though most retailers will offer savings and discounts all November long for Black Friday 2020, we still predict that these two retailers will offer quite similar savings over the holiday season. We predict that Best Buy will yet again dominate the video game and console sales for Black Friday, easily defeating Target’s promotions (which we predict will be large in scale, but lacking in comparison). We also predict that if you’re looking for any laptop or PC deals, that you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled on what Best Buy has to offer over Target.

This year will almost certainly be huge for cellphones and we predict that Target will be, yet again, the best place to shop for the hottest phones at some of the lowest prices. We predict that Target will be back on the gift card plan for cellphone savings, and we anticipate these gift cards to vary from $200 to $500 (similar to previous years).

Smart home devices have dominated the sales this year, especially with so many people working from home. Neither Target nor Best Buy offered incredible savings when it came to smart home tech in 2019, but we predict things will be different for 2020. It would be vastly beneficial for both retailers to capitalize on the popularity of these devices this year and we predict that both retailers will be offering loads of savings, bundles and big discounts on smart items, specifically smart vacuums, smart bulbs and smart plugs.

This year also brings about the release of two new video game consoles: the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series line. While both retailers sold out almost instantly when it came to preorders back in September, we predict that both retailers will find ways to offer up loads of savings on both PlayStation and Xbox video games. Also, with the new systems being released we predict that some retailers will also be dropping the price of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We predict that both Target and Best Buy will offer big savings on both new and older video game systems.