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Target Black Friday’ 2019 Ad Preview: Expected Apple, Google, Samsung Deals

The holiday shopping season is almost here, which means that many Black Friday ads from major retailers are on the horizon. As we prepare to cover the onslaught of holiday deals and toy bargains over the next several weeks, we wanted to focus some predictions on what specific retailers might have up their sleeves for this year’s Black Friday event. We’ve set our sights on Target’s upcoming Black Friday ad and below is our breakdown and predictions for what we believe consumers can expect.


Target’s Best Black Friday Deals 2018

The best way to predict all upcoming holiday sales is to study the past. Most retailers don’t stray too far outside of their comfort zones when it comes to successful marketing campaigns, so by studying Target’s Black Friday ad from 2018, we can come up with some reasonable predictions for 2019.

Target has always done well by offering gift cards on various iPhone models rather than offering discounts direct to the consumers. Last year, Target featured both the iPhone 8 line and the iPhone XS models with significant gift cards attached to new line activations. The iPhone 8, 8 Plus or the X all received a $150 Target Gift Card when activating a new line at Verizon, Sprint or AT&T. When activating an XS or an XS Max at Verizon or Sprint, Target customers received a $250 Target Gift Card. Other Apple products, like the iPad Mini 4, received a straight discount down to $250 rather than a bonus gift card.

Last year, Target offered a variety of Google products at reasonable discounts, including the Google Home Mini for $25, Chromecast for $25 and the Chromecast Ultra for $49. Similar to how they treated iPhones, Target also offered a gift card of $200 to any customer who activated a new Pixel 3 or Pixel 3XL phone.

Samsung’s hottest holiday device in 2018 was the Note 9, which Target attached an astounding $300 Target Gift Card to for new line activation at both Verizon and AT&T. Samsung has continued to release quality smartwatches along their lines, including the Galaxy Watch, which Target discounted down to $260 last year.


Target’s Black Friday 2019 Predictions

In addition to discounted video games and toys, we predict that Target’s Black Friday ad will be focused on the following: inexpensive 4K televisions, new-line smartphone gift card attachments and smart home products. Here are our best prediction for what this year has in store:

iPhone: While the newest model from Apple may be a bit too new to receive big discounts, we do believe that the XR, XS and XS Max will receive the biggest savings when it comes to activations. It’s possible that, instead, Target discounts down the cost of the device and then adds a lesser gift card attachment. Regardless, we believe that if you’re looking for an iPhone and want a solid deal, you’ll definitely save big with whatever Target’s gift card promotion ends up being.

Samsung Galaxy: Samsung’s current flagship phone, the s10 line, released in March of this year and is prime for a big gift card promotion at Target this year. We believe that they’ll match the Note 9 promotion from last year, offering a steep gift card for any new line activation on an s10 or s10+ (sorry, s10e). 

Pixel: The Pixel 4 is almost guaranteed to be too hot for this year’s Black Friday promotions, but it is possible that Target follows a similar plan with last year’s Pixel 3, by attaching a gift card with a slight phone discount. 

Televisions: It stands to reason that this year will feature a load of very affordable 4K televisions during the holiday season and we predict that Target will have a handful of last year’s Samsung 4K TVs heavily discounted. We’re not sure what price point or which models will receive the big discounts, but we predict Target will have a strong variety of great Samsung television deals.

Smart home: When it comes to smart home devices, Google continues to show that they are doing their best to dominate the marketplace. As such, we predict that Target will have a slew of strong savings on a wide variety of Google products, including Google Home devices as well as Google Home Hub discounts. We also predict that due to the rise of 4K, Chromecast Ultra will see another nice price drop this year.


Target Black Friday 2019 Tips

The best advice we can give when it comes to Black Friday, at any retailer, is to be prepared. Let’s break down the best way you can prepare yourself for Target’s Black Friday:


Plan ahead: While this advice sounds simple enough, there are a lot more to it than just scouting the Black Friday ad. You’re going to want a game plan, and you’re definitely going to want to make sure that Target has the exact deals you are after. Make note of your favorite ad, compare it to other retailers’ ads, and make sure you’re going to be able to be up at the time the sale officially kicks off. Also make sure to note the time the online sales go live, as some retailers drop their prices at midnight while others don’t start until the time the stores officially open. You’ll also want to pay attention to other retailers (Best Buy and Walmart in particular) and what time their ads go live online. In the past, some retailers started rolling out their discounted prices early to directly compete with other retailers. If Best Buy sales go into effect earlier than Target sales do, it’s possible Target could launch unannounced at the same time to steal the competition. 

Be early: It’s best to be ready as soon as the sales go live, whether in stores or online. Definitely make sure you’re ready to shop online as soon as the sales are live (possibly earlier if you follow the advice above). If you’re braving the early hours and bitter weather, it’s always best to be at the store earlier than other shoppers. If you’re planning on going into the store, keep an eye out a day or two early for campers already lining up. It’s best to judge your competition and see what may already be ahead of you before you arrive. If there’s a lot of people already in line, that’s typically a bad sign that the store will be very busy regardless of what time they open.

Scout ahead: Our last advice is also the simplest, but it’s possible not everyone thinks about this the same way. Each retail store is different, even if they usually follow a similar layout. Some Targets have the electronics section in the back-middle of the store while other locations have them on the left. Know your store well and know which section of that store you are planning on snagging deals from. Knowing where you’re going ahead of time is a fantastic way to be well ahead of other shoppers. If you swing by your local Target a day or two ahead of Black Friday, you can also ask an employee if they know where the specific item you’re looking for will be available on The Big Day. Some items, like large televisions, are displayed in aisles rather than in the back of the store with the other televisions. Knowing where the products you’re most interested in will be located ahead of time could save you a lot of time and hassle on Black Friday.