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Supercomputers, Models, and 40 Years of World Climate Research

“The world’s ability to adapt to climate change is on the agenda as the venerable international climate research program charts its next decade.”

“CHEYENNE, Wyoming — On the western rim of the Great Plains, a futuristic building looks out of place on the treeless range. The NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center is indeed remote, two continents away from the weather forecasts it produces each day for Antarctica and millions of miles from the space weather it tracks.

And yet, it is surprisingly connected to the rapidly evolving story of Earth's changing climate.

The supercomputer inside the concrete and steel building, dubbed Cheyenne, is one in a global network of high-capacity computers that run vast sets of calculations to simulate the workings of our planet.”

Judy Fahys reports for InsideClimate News December 6, 2019.