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“Sponsor of Climate Language Blasts DNC For Stripping It From Platform”

“The sponsor of an amendment to the Democratic Party policy platform calling for ending fossil fuel tax breaks and subsidies said the Democratic National Committee stripped the text without his permission, calling the DNC’s explanation for its removal “100 percent false.”

John Laesch, a member of the DNC platform committee, told POLITICO that he gave “no consent” to scrap the language that had already been approved, contradicting the DNC’s statement to POLITICO on Tuesday that it had received permission from him, as well as the campaigns of Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

“I definitively did not agree to drop my amendment and there was no misunderstanding,” said Laesch, a carpenter who is running for mayor of Aurora, Ill.

The sparring over the fossil fuel language reflects a deeper mistrust between the DNC and progressive climate activists who contend the Democratic Party has failed to take aggressive positions against oil, gas and coal companies who have lobbied against policies to swiftly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Zack Colman reports for Politico August 19, 2020.


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