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“Senior Interior Official Broke Ethics Rules a 2nd Time, Watchdog Says”

“An assistant secretary at the department used his position to help a family member get a job at the Environmental Protection Agency, according to an internal government investigation.”

“WASHINGTON — A senior Department of Interior official violated federal ethics rules by using his position to try to get a family member a job at the Environmental Protection Agency, the Interior Department’s internal watchdog said in a report published Friday.

The conclusion marked the second time in six months that the internal investigator has admonished the official, Douglas W. Domenech, an assistant interior secretary for the office that oversees the nation’s oceans and coasts, for serious ethics violations. Top Democrats and environmental groups called for David Bernhardt, the interior secretary, to fire Mr. Domenech.

The Interior Department inspector general’s newest report concluded that Mr. Domenech misused his office in 2017 when he used his title and position to press the hiring of his family member, first at a concert and later by email. He also appeared to misuse his position to promote another family member’s wedding business to E.P.A. officials, the investigation found.”

Lisa Friedman reports for the New York Times May 29, 2020.


“Interior Department Official Misused His Position For Personal Gain, Federal Watchdog Says” (Washington Post)