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“Senate Power-Sharing Talks Hits Filibuster Snag”

“Senate leaders negotiating a power-sharing agreement to govern the evenly split chamber in the 117th Congress are at odds over the filibuster, as the impeachment trial for President Trump continues to hang over President-elect Joe Biden's early agenda.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of New York are discussing a power-sharing deal based on a similar accord struck by party leaders at the outset of the 107th Congress in 2001.

‘Leader Schumer and Leader McConnell had a substantive meeting and made progress on the issues of quickly confirming President-elect Biden's nominees and conducting a fair impeachment trial,' a spokesman for Schumer said in an email yesterday.

‘On an organizing resolution, Leader Schumer expressed that the fairest, most reasonable and easiest path forward is to adopt the 2001 bipartisan agreement without extraneous changes from either side.'”

Geof Koss reports for E&E News January 20, 2021.