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“SEC Looks to Adopt Oil, Gas Disclosures After Decade of Setbacks”

“The SEC will vote on whether to adopt a Dodd-Frank Act anti-corruption disclosure rule for oil, gas, and mining companies after a federal court and Congress scuttled previous versions of the regulation.

Jay Clayton, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, set the vote on the resource extraction rule for a Dec. 16 public meeting, the agency said in a notice Wednesday. The meeting also will include votes on whether to approve new rules for investment adviser marketing and direct listings on the New York Stock Exchange.

Dodd-Frank directed the SEC in 2010 to create a requirement for public companies to report payments made to governments for extracting oil, gas, and minerals. The third iteration of the resource extraction regulation is before the agency now.”

Andrew Ramonas reports for Bloomberg December 10, 2020.