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“Rapid Arctic Meltdown In Siberia Alarms Scientists”

“Alexander Deyev can still taste the smoke from last year’s wildfires that blanketed the towns near his home in southeastern Siberia, and he is dreading their return.

“It just felt like you couldn’t breathe at all,” said Deyev, 32, who lives in Irkutsk, a Siberian region along Lake Baikal, just north of the Mongolian border.

But already this year, fires in the spring arrived earlier and with more ferocity, government officials have said. In the territory where Deyev lives, fires were three times as large this April as the year before. And the hot, dry summer lies ahead.”

Isabelle Khurshudyan, Andrew Freedman, and Brady Dennis report for the Washington Post July 3, 2020.


“A Heat Wave Thawed Siberia's Tundra. Now, It's On Fire.” (National Geographic)