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“Proposals To Watch In Democrats’ Infrastructure Behemoth”

“House Democrats yesterday unveiled the details of a massive $1.5 trillion infrastructure package that has several sections focused on energy and environmental priorities.

H.R. 2 and its 2,309 pages of provisions may become the most significant action taken by the House to promote a clean energy and climate-focused economic transformation this Congress.

The package may also provide a tax and spending reauthorization lifeline to renewable and energy efficiency businesses that have had to lay off some 620,000 workers during the past three months in the face of a coronavirus pandemic slowdown.

“There is no better way to jumpstart our economy and advance our country's momentum toward a green future than to modernize our badly aging infrastructure,” Energy and Commerce Chairman Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) said in a statement.”

Jeremy Dillon and Geof Koss report for E&E Daily June 23, 2020.