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Progressives Bet Drinking Water Can Help Flip A House Seat In Nebraska

“An ad backing Green New Deal Democrat Kara Eastman in the Omaha area race casts GOP Rep. Don Bacon as a polluters’ stooge.”

“Progressive groups mounting a last-minute surge in the Nebraska House district that includes Omaha and much of its suburbs are betting that drinking water can help Democrat Kara Eastman unseat Republican Rep. Don Bacon.

Cast against eerie black-and-white shots of a kitchen faucet dripping, a new ad running across the 2nd Congressional District accuses Bacon of taking “money from the industries that make chemicals that polluted our water” and voting “against funding to clean up the water we drink.”

Four left-leaning groups ― Justice Democrats, MoveOn, the Working Families Party and Sunrise Movement ― plan to spend at least $150,000 on TV spots between now and Election Day. It’s part of the $450,000 the groups are pouring into a race widely seen as one of the best chances for the Democratic progressive wing to prove it can win in a swing district.”

Alexander C. Kaufman reports for HuffPost October 28, 2020.


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