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“President Biden’s 30% Conservation Commitment Is Good News for People, Too”

“With his Jan. 27 announcement that the U.S. will commit to protecting 30% of its land and ocean by 2030, President Joe Biden joins a growing community of scientists, Indigenous peoples, and world leaders dedicated to working together on putting ecosystems—land, ocean, and freshwater—on the best paths toward sustainability.

Pursuing and meeting this target could yield significant benefits, not only for a huge range of wildlife species and their habitats, but for people as well. An increasing body of scientific evidence indicates that one-third of the cost-effective solutions to climate change could come from nature. There is also a better understanding that extensive, healthy natural systems and rich biodiversity are critical to human and physical health, the preservation of cultural traditions, and community vitality—with far-reaching economic benefits. Many other countries have already recognized the importance of nature-based solutions to a suite of environmental threats and have pledged to invest in conservation to help ensure a sustainable economic and environmental recovery.

President Biden’s commitment builds on more than a century of U.S. leadership and dedication to environmental conservation, from the creation of national parks and the conservation of other public lands to policies designed to ensure clean air and water and the protection of endangered species. These victories have come under presidents of both major political parties, and usually with strong bipartisan support in Congress and among the public.”

Tom Dillon reports for Pew Trusts January 27, 2021.


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