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“Path to Biden’s Green Buying Pledge Runs Through Obama Policies”

“President Joe Biden‘s most potent weapon for making climate change a priority for companies and federal officials may already be in his arsenal as chief executive: the country’s roughly $600 billion annual procurement budget.

He took strides toward setting environmental restrictions on how officials spend that budget before he took office, including in a December speech when he said his administration would “harness the purchasing power of our federal government” to buy American-made electric cars. He committed in his campaign platform that the federal government would focus on buying energy-efficient batteries and that every federal infrastructure investment would consider climate change.

He could also revive some of former boss Barack Obama’s executive orders to consider environmental impact when shopping for a range of supplies and services, from landscaping and toner cartridges to government construction.”

Courtney Rozen reports for Bloomberg Environment January 21, 2021.