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Oz PM Morrison Dismisses Calls To Curb Coal Use As Wildfires Intensify

“The conservative leader defended his government’s climate policy, rejecting pleas to downsize the nation’s massive coal industry.”

“Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison doubled down on his government’s climate policy Monday amid a record-breaking heat wave and a devastating weekend of wildfires.

Hundreds of fires burned across four states, with the worst conditions in New South Wales, where approximately 100 homes have been destroyed since Thursday. More than 800 total homes have been lost since the fire season commenced in October.

The disaster has prompted criticism of Morrison’s leadership and inaction on climate change; many also took issue with his decision to vacation in Hawaii during such a difficult time. Following the death of two firefighters on Thursday, Morrison yielded to complaints and returned to Sydney over the weekend.”

Josephine Harvey reports for the Guardian December 23, 2019.