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Our 10 most popular recipes of the year

The top how-to food stories can be summed up in one word: COMFORT.

To be exact, this is not just 10 recipes, since some of these contain more than one recipe, but nonetheless these were the top ten most popular stories for 2019 in our “easy vegetarian recipes” category – the category includes recipes, suggestions, tips, and methods. If there is a takeaway here, it is that comfort reigned supreme. (Although I am not sure that number nine – eating like Leonardo da Vinci – was all that comfortable, per se, it was surely interesting.) The other theme: Basic methods.

That people want comfort food during uncertain times comes as little surprise – but the basic nature of many of these is a little surprising. I am hopeful that it means more people are exploring simple ways to cook more plant-based foods, and if that's the case, that may be the best food story of the decade!

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10. This super simple green sauce goes with everything

Or, how to transform sad, droopy herbs into something endlessly useful and to provide a flavor bomb to whatever other food is being prepared.

9. I tried eating like Leonardo da Vinci

beans and figs© Melissa Breyer

When I stumbled across some of da Vinci's favorite vegetarian recipes, I knew I had to try them. Here's how it went…

8. 5 vegan recipes better than the original

Vegan recipes that are so beloved that they have replaced the counterparts that employ dairy, eggs, and fish.

7. Always roast as many vegetables as you can

Kept in the fridge, they're a secret weapon for fast gourmet meals.

6. Two tricks for perfect mashed potatoes

mashed potatoes© Melissa Breyer

Learn how to master the mashed potato with a few simple tweaks.

5. 3-ingredient vegan pumpkin pudding tastes like heaven

vegan pumpkin pudding© Melissa Breyer

This easy recipe makes a plant-based pumpkin pudding that is rich, creamy, healthy, and delicious.

4. The best way to roast butternut squash

Here's everything you need to know about roasting the iconic winter squash.

3. Which sweet potatoes should you buy?

baked sweet potatoes© Oven-roasted sweet potatoes; 400F for 40 minutes. (Photo: Melissa Breyer)

Confused by all the yam and sweet potato options? Learn what to expect in terms of flavor, textures, and best uses here.

2. Glazing roasted vegetables makes them even better

Here's a simple trick for elevating already delicious roasted vegetables.

1. Yep, this is the best way to make baked potatoes

baked poato© Melissa Breyer

And the number one food story of the year was this; how to make one of the world's best foods: A baked potato. And while there are a lot of ways to bake a potato, this method results in the perfect mix of fluffy middle and crispy skin.

The top how-to food stories can be summed up in one word: COMFORT.