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“Oil And Gas: Environmental Justice Concerns Halt Major Pipeline Permit”

“Federal judges have vacated a permit for constructing an Atlantic Coast pipeline compressor station, dealing another setback to the embattled natural gas project.

The move is an environmental justice win for local opponents of the project.

The compressor station is one of three stations planned to propel natural gas along the planned 600-mile pipeline that has been stymied by a series of remanded permit approvals.

The Friends of Buckingham and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation Inc. had challenged the compressor station permit from the Virginia Air Pollution Control Board, saying the project would disproportionately endanger the health of residents of the predominantly African American Union Hill neighborhood in Buckingham County, Va.”

Niina H. Farah reports for Greenwire January 7, 2020.


“Federal Court Revokes Gas Project Permit In Win For Historic African American Community in Va.” (Washington Post)