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Nordstrom’s Black Friday Sale Dates Revealed — Plus, Get Free Gifts With Curbside Pickup

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Nordstrom (JWN) has a long list of fun things shoppers can partake in during the month of November. Due to the pandemic, Black Friday 2020 continues to look like nothing we’ve seen before. Many retailers have had to fundamentally change the way they will handle holiday shopping this year and Nordstrom is one of the latest to reveal just how different their holidays will be.

Nordstrom’s press release details a strong desire to “Make Merry” for their customers and families, with the tag being the official slogan of their holiday sales events. Nordstrom has one of the largest lists of events we’ve seen for the Black Friday season, and smart shoppers will want to scan the press release for the entire list.

Some of the hottest deals include:

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals (Nov. 20-Dec. 1)

Nordstrom’s official Black Friday event will run from Nov. 20 to Dec. 1 and will feature up to 50% off thousands of items. Nordstrom will be adding new deals on Nov. 20, Nov. 23, Nov. 25 and Nov. 27.

Rack Friday

Nordstrom Rack will be running a new series called Rack Friday that will be featured during their Black Friday Weekend, with new deals launching every day.

Curbside Surprise & Delight (Oct. 19-Dec. 24)

Nordstrom is focusing on curbside pickup due to the pandemic. For more than two months, the first 50 customers each day will receive a special offers and surprises. Nordstrom says the gift will change every week, so shoppers looking for free swag from Nordstrom will want to order early and often.

Complimentary gift wrapping

Most shoppers dread wrapping their own presents and this year Nordstrom is offering complimentary signature silver boxes and holiday gift wrapping in stores for all purchases. These wrapped items can also be picked up via curbside, which could net shoppers a free gift if they are one of the first 50 shoppers.

Holiday Beauty events at Nordstrom (now through Nov. 22, and again on Dec. 11-20)

Nordstrom will be offering daily beauty deals with savings from 20% to 50% off of top brands. These deals will change daily, so shoppers will want to check often during the event to see what each day has to offer.

Wishlist Sweepstakes (beginning in November)

Nordstrom will be running a Wishlist Sweepstakes to give one Nordstrom customer, each week, their entire Nordstrom Wishlist for free (up to $5,000). Shoppers just need a Nordstrom account and a Nordstrom Wishlist.

Nordstrom Rack Holiday Sweepstakes (beginning Nov. 9)

Nordstrom will be utilizing social media for their Nordstrom Rack Holiday Sweepstakes, which will give customers the chance to win a $150 gift card by heading to Nordstrom Rack stores, sharing photos of their favorite Rack gifts, and then sharing them on Instagram and tagging specific Nordstrom accounts.