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“New EPA Rule Change Saves Industry Money but Exacts a Climate Cost”

“The reversal of an Obama-era regulation relaxes leak detection rules for climate super-pollutants.”

“For the latest Trump Administration rollback of Environmental Protection Agency rules, the math goes something like this: The change will save businesses and industries $24 million a year. Earth's atmosphere, on the other hand, will receive emissions of pollutants equivalent to at least 625,000 new cars being added to the road.

This week, EPA Administrator Andrew R. Wheeler signed a new rule that relaxes the requirements that owners and operators of refrigeration equipment have leak detection and maintenance programs for hydrofluorocarbons, a set of refrigerants often referred to as ‘climate super-pollutants.'

The rule change—the latest reversal of an Obama-era regulation—was part of the administration's agenda to ease burdens on industry.”

James Bruggers reports for InsideClimate News February 28, 2020.