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New book, ‘Feel the Wild,’ is a beautiful love letter to nature

This is what happens when a solo wilderness explorer, who happens to be a professional photographer. creates a book about nature.

I have looked at many a beautiful book filled with nature photography; and I've read many a wonderful book about exploring nature. But I haven't ever quite looked at and read a book like Daniel Fox's “Feel the Wild.”

Fox is a solo wilderness explorer as well as a professional photographer – which, as it turns out, is a great combination of skill sets with which to create a book. He is also a writer and a thinker, and his words are every bit as lovely as the images. As Fox writes, “I am an artist who goes out into the wilderness for two to three weeks at a time. Wilderness is my studio. It is where I go to create – to photograph and write.”

“But, most importantly, I go there to meet with my mentor and teacher, Nature,” he adds.

And Nature has been busy instructing Fox on all things, well, nature. Fox weaves stories of his adventures with musings on life's bigger questions. He dives deep into his thoughts while reaching out to the vast horizons. The reader is even treated to pages from his travel journals, filled with copious notes, drawings, stories, and hand-drawn graphics.

Fox says that through the book, he wants to share how “feeling the wild” – connecting with nature physically, emotionally, philosophically, and spiritually – transformed him and the way he experiences life. For the rest of us, the book can serve as a roadmap for experiencing nature as a framework for personal transformation. As the publisher notes, the book is “ultimately about learning who we are and our place on this planet. It is a journey of growth told through the lenses of humility, vulnerability, and perspective.”

Author Chip Conley describes Fox as a “modern Henry David Thoreau with the eye of an Ansel Adams,” and I can't put it any better than that, except to maybe throw in a splash of Thich Nhat Hanh for good measure. This book is one that wears many hats; beautiful photography, great narratives, a lot of thinking, and perhaps the best thing of all, inspiration to walk out the door, seek out some nature, and feel the wild.

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This is what happens when a solo wilderness explorer, who also happens to be a professional photographer, creates a book about nature.