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“Mike Bloomberg Under Fire For ‘Not Very Ambitious’ Climate Plan”

“Candidate has offered few details on how he would he achieve goals as critics say plan lags behind Democratic rivals”

“Mike Bloomberg has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to environmental advocacy causes, but his campaign is coming under fire for a climate plan that lags far behind the other Democratic candidates for president.

In the latest televised Democratic presidential debate on Wednesday night, Bloomberg said he wouldn’t “go to war with China” over its highest-in-the-world carbon emissions. He called fracked gas a “transition fuel”, and said that “we want to go to all renewables, but that’s still many years from now”. But, he added: “The world is coming apart faster than any scientific study had predicted. We’ve just got to do something now.”

The former New York City mayor has committed to rejoining the international climate agreement that Donald Trump plans to exit. He says he would cut carbon pollution in half by 2030 and pursue a 100% clean energy standard, both on par with what scientists say is needed. But he has offered few details on how he would achieve those goals compared with his competitors. He has broadly pledged to financially support new energy technology, nix fossil fuel tax subsidies and issue a new federal rule for power plant emissions.”

Emily Holden reports for the Guardian February 22, 2020.


“In State After State, Climate Change Emerges As A Key Issue For Democratic Voters” (Washington Post)