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KEEN has launched its ‘most durable, consciously-constructed’ boot yet

The leather boots come in several styles for both men and women.

Are you in the market for a new pair of boots? If so, you should check out these new ones from KEEN, which just launched this fall and have been called the company's “most durable, consciously constructed boot ever.” That's an impressive claim, considering what a good reputation for quality the company has to begin with.

The women's line is called Bailey and the men's Eastin, and both are made with a better leather than what you'd typically find in a regular shoe store. The boots use American leather sourced from tanneries that are certified by the Leather Working Group, which conducts audits to ensure that companies are compliant with higher environmental standards. LWG insists on traceability, energy conservation, responsible management of waste products, and has consulted with numerous groups, including Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, and Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, to improve practices.

The LWG process also reduces chemical and water use during the tanning process. These KEEN boots boast closed-loop water treatment, as well as no toxic perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) used in production, since these are known to be carcinogenic and persistent in the natural environment.

Men's Eastin boot by KEEN© KEEN – Men's Eastin boot

Perhaps most impressive is the high quality, which, one could argue, is the most environmentally friendly practice a company could adopt – building a product to last. I have been wearing a pair of these boots (women's Bailey Chelsea) for several months now and they are the sturdiest leather boots I've ever owned. I've worn them in rain and snow and felt no moisture or cold, despite not being insulated. My father, who owns and loves his Blundstones (a similar style of boot), commented admiringly on the thickness of the leather and its solid build. His exact words: “Those will last you 20 years.”

The boots are made using glue-free, direct-inject construction which “fuses the upper to the sole with virtually zero chance of separating,” so it appears that KEEN, too, wants these boots to last forever. With their classic, minimalist design, you probably won't get sick of them, either. It's time we got rid of trendy and started prioritizing well-built.

Men's Eastin laceup© KEEN – Men's Eastin boot, lace-up style

There are several styles – pull-on, zip-up, and lace-up – for both men and women. You can learn more here and here.

The leather boots come in several styles for both men and women.