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Interior Consulted ‘Junk Science’ Troll On ‘Transparency’ Rule: Emails

“A high-ranking agency official jumped at the chance to discuss the department initiative with Steve Milloy, a zealous science denier.”

“Last December, prominent climate change denier Steve Milloy mingled with top Interior Department officials at an agency holiday party in Washington, at one point posing for a photo with Secretary David Bernhardt under the skull of a moose that hangs over the agency chief’s office fireplace.

That same day, Dec. 10, Milloy also participated in an invite-only public policy roundtable with Bernhardt at Interior’s headquarters. According to an email Milloy later sent another agency political appointee, he and Bernhardt at some point discussed the agency’s push to limit the types of scientific studies that can be used in crafting regulation.

A former tobacco and coal lobbyist, Milloy served on President Donald Trump’s transition team for the Environmental Protection Agency and has taken credit for EPA’s proposed science “transparency” rule that would block certain peer-reviewed scientific studies from the rulemaking process and give more weight to industry-backed research.”

Chris D’Angelo reports for HuffPost June 18, 2020.