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Hurricane Isaias Barrels Toward Bahamas, Fla. As It Gathers Strength

“The storm grew into a Category 1 hurricane early Friday as the Bahamian government urged citizens to prepare for the worst.”

“Officials across the Caribbean and the southern U.S. have urged citizens to brace for Hurricane Isaias after the storm gained strength and barreled over Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

The National Hurricane Center said early Friday that Isaias had strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane, with sustained winds of about 80 miles per hour. The Bahamian government issued a hurricane warning for large swaths of the country, and Hubert Minnis, the country’s prime minister, urged citizens to “prepare for the worse.”

“We know from past and recent experience that storms could change course very quickly,” Minnis said, according to the Miami Herald. “They can intensify rapidly, as we saw with Hurricane Dorian. So I ask all Bahamians and residents to take this storm seriously and to make preparations.””

Nick Visser reports for HuffPost July 31, 2020.