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“Hope And Skepticism As Biden Promises To Address Environmental Racism”

“Devon Hall has lived most of his nearly seven decades in Duplin County, N.C. The land is flat and green there in the southeastern part of the state, about an hour's drive from the coast. It's lovely unless you live downwind of one of the county's many industrial hog farms.

“It can get really bad,” says Hall, the co-founder of the Rural Empowerment Association for Community Help in Duplin County.

There are about two million hogs in the county, outnumbering residents by 29 to 1, and they produce a lot of waste. Because farmers spray the pig waste on fields as fertilizer, microscopic pieces of feces pollute the air and water. For decades, residents have complained that just breathing can make your eyes water and your throat itch, cause nausea and dizziness.”

Rebecca Hersher reports for NPR January 29, 2021.