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Hogan Administration To ‘Phase Out’ Harmful Pesticide In Maryland

“Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s administration said Wednesday it is moving to “phase out” use of chlorpyrifos, a harmful pesticide used on food crops.

But advocates who for the third year are pushing for a state law banning chlorpyrifos accused the governor of attempting to block that legislation. It is set for a vote in a Senate committee later this week, and a key lawmaker said he expects it to pass.

Agriculture Secretary Joe Bartenfelder said the state is launching a process of developing “reasonable and responsible regulations that will accelerate the phase out of chlorpyrifos.”

“This is in the best interest of the agriculture industry and the environment, and will protect the independence and integrity of our robust science-based regulatory framework while providing farmers time to identify alternative or replacement products,” he said in a statement.”

Scott Dance reports for the Baltimore Sun February 19, 2020.