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Here Are Some Contenders To Become Biden’s Top Environmental Officials

“Unwinding President Trump's rollbacks of anti-pollution rules is going to take a lot of work. And much of it is going to fall on whomever Joe Biden chooses as his main deputies on environmental issues.

Just a week after victory and without a formal concession of defeat from Trump, the president-elect is forging ahead with building a Cabinet that will have to contend with multiple crises at once — including climate change.

Biden must balance many considerations. He has promised to assemble a diverse Cabinet — one that both racially reflects the country itself and that satisfies the progressive and moderate wings of the Democratic Party.

And crucially, many of the Democrat's high-level choices must be approved by a sharply divided Senate.”

Dino Grandoni reports with Alexandra Ellerbeck for the Washington Post November 16, 2020.


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