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Grow these plants to survive an apocalypse!

Even if doomsday never comes, these 20 plants are some of the most practical you can grow.

You may not be worrying about zombies or end times anytime soon, but hey, who knows? There's always super volcanoes and random meteorites … or things like catastrophic fires, sinking cities, mass extinctions, bacteria gone rogue, or petty world leaders and their nuclear codes. At this point I'd say that the planet is feeling “apocalypse curious.”

These are interesting times, for sure. What to do? If you have some soil in which to grow things, The Greenhouse People suggest planting these 20 species to help survive a world gone wrong.

“With modern technology quite possibly rendered futile and no hope of just popping down the shops for some supplies,” they write, “we have looked at exactly what you should be growing to survive. From the crops that will keep you fed year round, to the plants that can clean the air and heal your ailments – we’ve got all bases covered for post-apocalyptic survival!”

Despite having once been called by a commenter, the “Guru of Gruesome, the Doomsday Diva, the Artist of Armageddon, the Author of the Apocalypse, the Crown Princess of Catastrophe, the Sage of Sadness, the Matron of the Macabre, the Monarch of the Morbid, the Maven of Massacre, the Madam of Misfortune, the Goddess of Gloom, the Divinity of Disaster, the Calamity Columnist, the Correspondent of Cataclysm, the Wordsmith of Worry, the Researcher of Ruin, the Deity of Destruction, the Demigoddess of Decline, the Darling of Damnation, the Teller of Tragedy, the Femme of Fiasco, the Marvel of Melancholy, the Master of Misery, the Diviner of Despondency, the Scribe of Sorrow, the Pessimistic Princess” (best comment ever!) – I am actually not planting an apocalypse garden. I mean, yeah, we are witnessing the collapse of nature and all that jazz, but I have faith that we will turn this ship around. But even so, these are some great plants to plant, apocalypse or not!

Even if doomsday never comes, these 20 plants are some of the most practical you can grow.