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“FERC Sparks Firestorm With Landmark Carbon Pricing Move”

“The nation's top energy regulators yesterday paved the way for states to incorporate a carbon tax into regional power markets in an unprecedented move that is garnering mixed reviews, including pushback from conservatives and progressive environmentalists.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued a proposed policy statement saying the influential panel is willing to consider grid operators' requests to set a carbon price (Greenwire, Oct. 15). There are now 30 days to comment on the proposal, and some groups are already starting to weigh in.

“Instead of trying to find new ways to put the right ‘price' on pollution, we need to get off fossil fuels altogether,” Mitch Jones, policy director for Food & Water Action, said in a statement. “Carbon price schemes only give fossil fuel interests new life.”

The commission also took new action to change rules in a regional power market overseen by PJM Interconnection, the nation's largest grid operator, whose footprint includes 13 Midwestern and Mid-Atlantic states and Washington, D.C.”

Arianna Skibell reports for E&E News October 16, 2020.