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“EPA Proposes Airplane Emission Standards That Airlines Already Meet”

“WASHINGTON — The Trump administration on Wednesday made public the federal government’s first proposal to control planet-warming pollution from airplanes, but the draft regulation would not push the airlines beyond emissions limits they have set for themselves.

President Trump is still pressing forward on his three-and-a-half-year rollback of environmental standards, and the proposed airline rule would stave off an impending lawsuit by putting the federal government in compliance with a legal requirement that it regulate airplane greenhouse emissions.

“This is the third time in the past two years that this administration has taken major action to regulate greenhouse gases in a way that is legally defensible, reduces CO2 and protects American jobs,” Andrew Wheeler, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, said on a telephone call with reporters Wednesday morning.”

Coral Davenport reports for the New York Times July 22, 2020.


“US Says It Will Adopt Global Climate Standards For Aviation” (AP)