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“EPA: Obama’s ‘Dream Team’ To Smooth Biden’s Transition”

“The band is getting back together.

Some of the highest-profile EPA officials of the Obama administration are regrouping as members of President-elect Joe Biden's EPA transition team. The 12 members include several former officials who helped craft the agency's most consequential regulations dealing with air, climate and water — most of which have been rolled back by the Trump administration.

Their expertise in the environmental world has not gone unnoticed at the agency.

‘If you could look across some of the savviest officials from the last administration who worked really well together and worked really well with career staff, then this list is about as close to a dream team as you could get,' an EPA employee told E&E News. ‘There are really only a small handful of folks I would want who aren't on this list.'”

Kevin Bogardus reports for E&E News November 12, 2020.


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