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EPA Finds Known Carcinogen TCE Poses Risk To Workers, Consumers

“EPA has finalized its evaluation for a known carcinogen and concluded it poses an outsize health risk, even as environmental advocates say the assessment should go further.

In its final risk evaluation for trichloroethylene (TCE) released yesterday, EPA found 52 of 54 uses of the chemical pose unreasonable risks to consumers and workers. Those uses include areas like manufacturing and processing, along with numerous industrial and commercial uses. Disposal also poses an unreasonable risk, per EPA.

“These unreasonable risks include potential immunosuppression from acute exposures, and autoimmunity and cancer from chronic exposures,” EPA wrote in its summary risk evaluation.

The agency found that two areas do not pose an unreasonable risk — distribution in commerce and consumer use in pepper spray. EPA also determined TCE does not pose an unreasonable risk to the environment.”

E.A. Crunden reports for E&E News November 24, 2020.