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“Election Turns Into Nail-Biter That May Extend For Days”

“Joe Biden expressed confidence to supporters, and President Trump falsely claimed victory. In Senate races, Democrats faced an uphill battle to claim a majority.”

“Dawn broke over the United States on Wednesday with the presidential election undecided and the specter of hours or even days of uncertainty ahead, as seven states counted millions of ballots in razor-thin contests that could tip the balance to President Trump or former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

After a long election night rife with dramatic twists and victories by both candidates, Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden battled to a near draw in electoral votes, each several dozen votes shy of the 270 needed to capture the presidency.

The field of battle had dwindled to a trio of northern states — Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin — that vaulted Mr. Trump to victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016, as well as Arizona and Nevada, where Mr. Biden had narrow leads, and Georgia, where he trailed but was gaining ground with every vote counted. Mr. Trump prematurely declared victory and said he would petition the Supreme Court to demand a halt to the counting. Mr. Biden urged his supporters — and by implication, Mr. Trump — to show patience and allow the process to play out.”

The New York Times had the story November 4, 2020.


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