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“Disappearance Of Covid-19 Data From CDC Website Spurs Outcry”

“Governors join calls for delay of administration plan to shift control from the CDC as Trump administration pledges to make data available to the public”

“On the eve of a new coronavirus reporting system this week, data disappeared from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website as hospitals began filing information to a private contractor or their states instead. A day later, an outcry — including from other federal health officials — prompted the Trump administration to reinstate that dashboard and another daily CDC report on the pandemic.

And on Thursday, the nation’s governors joined the chorus of objections over the abruptness of the change to the reporting protocols for hospitals, asking the administration to delay the shift for 30 days. In a statement, the National Governors Association said hospitals need the time “to learn a new system, as they continue to deal with this pandemic.

The governors also urged the administration to keep the information publicly available.”

Lena H. Sun and Amy Goldstein report for the Washington Post July 16, 2020.


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